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Welcome to the RaidWrites Freelance, the online writing service provider website.

My main goal is to justify the worth of your project and/or other documentation. 


Whether you have the creativity of a fictional writer or the objective to provide a well-written, presentable thesis, I am here to assist you in the right direction as your writing partner.


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Mairead Corrigan

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

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RaidWrites Freelance is an individually run business providing freelance services in writing and editing.  Your writer, Mairead Corrigan, provides C.V. Writing and Portfolio building as a means to further your career and interview success.

Upon consultation, I will walk you through the editing process.   After receiving the first draft of your manuscript, I will use a finely tuned 6 step editing process.

Proofreading can be separate from the editing package or for the finishing touches of your manuscript. 


This is suitable for academic writing as well as a manuscript check for grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation errors and consistencies.

As a Career Guidance Mentor, I have worked with many recruitment employees, building their skills, training and furthering their careers and qualifications.

I write and design professional Resumés, both with an online platform, PDF and print.

For a consultation on all writing services, C.V. and Portfolio building, Get A Quote.